How to Decide the Perfect Number of Live Auction Items For Your Charity silent Auction

What’s the most important aspect of your fundraising event?

If you’re like most coordinators, the obvious theme basket ideas for silent auction answer to you would be revenue generation, right?
While that’s of course a good answer, I would say the most important things about your event are to make it exciting and to bring members into the fold. If you make these your goals, then the money raised will increase dramatically, at the same time generating good will and exposure for your organization.

I’m disappointed when I hear of a fundraising auction being hosted by the committee chair or a local personality such as a radio show host etc. My disappointment is for the income potential the group loses by not hiring a professional auctioneer.

A good auctioneer will never cost you money, they’ll make you money.

When considering whether or not to hire an auctioneer for your event, ask yourself if the person you are considering hiring instead of an auctioneer can provide these benefits.

Can they ask for money in a tactful way without embarrassing the organization?

Do they know how to use advanced techniques to get thousands of extra dollars out of a crowd?

Can they identify the heavy hitters in a crowd and know what they’re likely to bid on?

Do they already have a following of dedicated auction-goers?

Are they going to be a big help with marketing and promotion?

Are they well versed with bidding increments?

Will they get involved in the planning stages?


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